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Spinach Dosa

223 Cal, P – 5.5g, Fats – 7.2g, Carbs – 34.05g, Fibre – 2.1g

Serves 4 | Macros above are for 1 serving

Spinach Dosa


• 3 tsp cooking oil (groundnut, gingelly, palm olein, mustard, coconut etc.)
• ½ slice (1” dia) ginger
• ½ cup spinach
• 1 cup dosa batter
• ½ tsp salt
• 1 chopped green chilli
• 1 tbsp water


1. Blend blanched spinach, ginger, green chilli, and water until smooth puree.

2. Add spinach puree, salt to batter and mix well.

3. Heat a tawa on medium flame and brush some oil.

4. Pour ladleful of batter and spread it from center to outside in circular motion.

5. Drizzle some oil and cook for couple of minutes.

6. Flip and cook well from both sides until light brown.

7. Repeat same with remaining batter and serve hot.

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